WWF The Last 55

The Maui’s Dolphins species is in the edge of extinction. There‘s only 55 left of them in the world and lack of limitations over fishing areas are turning fishing nets into their main killer, amongst other threats. This campaign compels people to sign a petition to protect the remaining members of this species by changing the law. The strategy was to explain this pressing issue in the simplest way possible way. We started with a Facebook activation where users see the number of friends in their profiles reduced to 55, hundreds where wiped out, a digital signature was sent and the remaining friends where tagged and invited to share. Last 55’s graphic design takes queues from political actions like voting ballots and street protests and limits it’s colours to a solemn use of black and white. By making the content the message the unexpected twist of the advertising invites people to share a comment relying on the use of social media as way for urgent action.

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