Rialto Channel

Rialto Channel - Brand Identity The Rialto Channel is a well known supplier of unique cinema in New Zealand, nevertheless it’s content seems rather inaccessible for the common TV subscriber. Re-branding then becomes a matter of refreshing how the channel looks and the importance of it’s well crafted selection of movies. Rialto is then not just a channel that shows the alternative side of the filmic art-form but a ‘storyteller’ that carefully chooses what stories to tell each night, these are the golden tales of the silver screen. The client has also requested for the Re-branding to keep it’s most iconic elements: 1. the ‘R’ must be a hero, 2. the star must also remain present in the symbol and 3. the typeface style of the word-mark must continue. This is the result of my initial and personal approach to the Re-branding process sadly it was not end result.

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