Music & Movies in Parks

Music & Movies in Parks is a unique proposition from Auckland Council. The event series is totally free and offers over 40 free concerts and 19 free movies featuring New Zealand music and a wide range of cinema. In doing so, Auckland Council seeks to raise the profile of the Auckland’s many beautiful public parks and spaces. Our primary task was to drive the diverse communities awareness, ensure high levels of attendance and support Auckland Council’s reputation. The strategy was to keep communication simple, accessible and great to look at. Therefore the brand needed to help maintain these objectives across the multiple executions produced locally by each board responsible for their specific event. The Identity has an easy visual hierarchy where a lush image of the event serves as an introduction for the rest of the information which is nothing more than a ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when' structure. Using contrast, colour and icons the data is delivered clearly in a refreshing way. The structure of the brand clearly determines two kind of events by the use of a distinctive scheme inspired by the time of day they are held, and also the use of icons that represent each product (music/movies) reinforces the two families of graphics. Auckland comes together to enjoy song, film and public outdoor spaces.

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