Impromptu Brand Identity Impromptu is a highly customisable application created for shops to highlight their promotions on customers smart phones around a commercial spaces. By using patterns of purchase the app will update itself to fit not only a particular show but also a particular customer within a particular shop. These extreme constant transformations required a brand that was highly flexible, modern and friendly. We developed the brand around the idea of highlighter markers. The process of using a highlighter marker to filter information is so intuitive to everyone that the product almost needed no explanation when we started using those graphical cues we knew this was a perfect solution for a product that nobody knew anything about. Also by deconstructing the name, we discovered that the word ‘impromptu’ starts with ‘i’m’ and ends with ‘u’, a factor that gave us an extremely unique way of speaking that was inline with how the product ultimate becomes the customers taste and shopping patterns. The impromptu brand is extremely flexible as it can use any colour as a highlighter to communicate. Also It’s informal tone of voice makes the specials sound more fun than just another retail sale.

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